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Specialist Products & Services

Newcastle Industrial Plastics not only offer custom plastic fabrication, polywelding, installation services and CNC routing. We are trusted, reliable Australian suppliers and distributors of a wide range of industrial plastic parts, products, fittings and equipment. It's worth asking if we can help with your specific project.

Tailored Sweep Bends

Australian suppliers of quality made to order long radius sweep bends in all pressure ratings up to 1200mm ø in 90°, 60°, 45° and 30°. Learn more…

Chemical Processing

Specialists in chemical industry process equipment. Fabricated tanks, fume hoods, scrubbers, transparent piping and more. Contact us today…

Poly Pipe & Fittings

Leaders in supply and fabrication of PE100 / HDPE black poly pipe and fittings. Providing on site poly welding and installation. Find out more…

Plastic Piping Systems

Distributors of high quality local and imported plastic piping systems. Including valves, moulded and electrofusion fittings. View range…

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Need to know about Industrial plastics?

Find the best industrial plastic product for your job, based on critical properties such as strength, melting point and other thermal qualities. Along with resistance to abrasion, corrosion, chemicals, solvents, acids, bases, fatigue, crushing and UV radiation. Plus identify adaptability based on your specific application, such as translucent piping, colour pigments and performance improvement additives.

Providing quality blackpoly pipework specialist support and services since 1989

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