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Reliable water treatment for any situation

The Australian Mining Review
Blackpoly Pipelines Australia Water Treatment Plant Synergy Barangaroo Article 01
22 August 2012

Reliable water treatment for any situation

Synergy’s dewatering and water treatment capability is enabling development of the contaminated Barangaroo site adjacent Sydney Harbour which is being developed by the NSW State Government for mixed commercial, residential and open space use.

Barangaroo was Australia’s first gasworks providing Sydney’s electricity supply between 1839 and 1928. After that the former gasworks site was used as a commercial wharf extended onto reclaimed harbour front land.

All contaminated groundwater and stormwater treated by Synergy’s WTP to date has not exceeded the environmental protection licence’s strict criteria for discharge into Sydney Harbour.

Synergy’s sludge plant is currently being used to supplement the WTP by dewatering waste generated within the WTP.

This reduces waste volume by more than 90 per cent enabling conventional transport and disposal of the dewatered sludge offsite to landfill as opposed to liquid waste providing immense cost savings. Another key community benefit is the frequency of waste vehicle movements off site is reduced significantly.

Synergy has the capacity to treat contaminated water to stringent criteria therefore addressing and mitigating key environmental risk.

There is no other mobile WTP or sludge dewatering system with the capability, mobility, processing rate and versatility of Synergy’s elsewhere in Australia.

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Article from The Australian Mining Review, August 22, 2012