Client : 

Newcrest Mining Ltd

Project :

Pipeline Constructions

Site :

Cadia Valley Operations

Date :

March 2018 – September 2019

Blackpoly provided pipeline construction services to Cadia during the failure of their tailings dam. The projects completed include the following:

  • Supply and Construction of a 1400Mtr 560mm PN16 Tailings Pipeline
  • Supply, Delivery and Vacuum Lift Unloading of 3600mtr 630mm PN16 HDPE Pipe
  • Construction of dual 630mm PN16 Tailings Pipelines, 3200Mtr
  • Management and vacuum lift pipeline stringing of 7200mtr 450mm and 400mm Pn20 and PN16 pipe lengths into the open pit decline
  • Construction of a return water 160mm pipeline for the Blayney dewatering facility to Cadia Valley
  • Construction and installation of 5640mtr 450mm and 400mm pipelines and pumps for the dewatering of the open pit
  • Removal of an existing 2300mtr 630mm PN16 tailings pipeline. Relocation of materials and construction of a 2300mtr emergency dewatering pipeline
  • Construction of 450mm to 160mm pumping manifolds and pipelines for the dewatering of URCD Raw Water dam facility
  • Installation and management of a four-stage dewatering system throughout the open pit
  • Fabrication and site installation of high pressure 630mm Y junctions and slurry knife gate valves throughout the tailings distribution pipelines