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Plastic Engineering

Custom plastic fabrication plus installation and support services

Custom Fabrication

We specialise in custom plastic engineering of piping up to 1000mm in diameter and can design to meet your specific needs across the full range of industrial plastics.

Pipe work up to 1000mm Diameter

Custom fabrication of pipe work, manifolds, spools and water treatment skids. We can fabricate from isometric drawings or design to your custom requirements in a variety of plastics. Tooled to handle up to 1000mm diameter pipe as well as detailed sheet fabrication of specialty products.

Plant & Processing Equipment

Newcastle Industrial Plastics design, fabricate and deliver a comprehensive range of plant and processing equipment. From scrubbers, hoods, ducting and chemical tanks according to your specific requirements to drawings in a broad range of suitable high chemical and abrasion resistant plastics.

Support Services & Installation

Newcastle Industrial Plastics service clients in an ongoing capacity with maintenance, repair and upgrades applying proactive solutions. We aim to establish long-term working partnerships and our staff are experienced, licensed poly welders, with skills to fabricate to DVS, ISO and Australian Standards across a range of industries, sites and safety requirements. We can also test for non-destructive thickness, mechanical tensile, hydrostatic pressure and monitoring of in-service pipe work.


Newcastle Industrial Plastics specialise in the fabrication and installation of pipe work for industrial applications. We are able to provide information regarding material chemical resistance, thermal resistance and advise clients on the most effective and efficient material for their job.


Newcastle Industrial Plastics is a leader in plastics for mining applications. We have extensive experience in process plant pipe work, design, fabrication and installation. We can provide initial construction and development solutions together with ongoing maintenance capabilities. We specialise in tailings distribution and have equipment capable of up to 1000mm diameter. We can provide the following solutions to our customers; reducing tees; sweep bends and refurbishment of filter plates.


The weakest point of any irrigation system is usually within the main piping itself. Leaky joints caused by water hammer – sudden water surge inside the system can mean costly repairs, interrupted production. High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, completely solves this problem, designed to last longer, conserve water and reduce overall costs. Our Central West branch is equipped to service the irrigation industry and can custom fabricate pipe spools to suit your needs.

Water Supply

We have many years experience in the water supply industry and can meet your jobs needs, large or small. Having completed a wide range of projects over the years we have experience in underground boring, sewage outfall, deep sea tailings disposal. Past clients include Sydney Water, Blayney Shire Council, Orange City Council and Hunter Water.

Something Else?

Newcastle Industrial Plastics CNC routing machinery combined with a wealth of expertise provides plenty of benefits to you and the cost of your next project, including:

  • Superior plastic cutting speed for quick order turn around times
  • Highly accurate form cutting of intricate shapes
  • Ideal for cutting PE, Polycarbonate, PVC, HDPE, ABS and Aryclic
  • Production line efficiency for large orders and multiple batches
  • Multiple uses in custom plastic fabrication to almost any design
  • Highly efficient use of plastic materials by nesting and reducing waste.

Browse our range of poly products

Newcastle Industrial Plastics are a trusted and reliable Australian supplier and distributor. Presenting a wide range of quality, local and imported industrial plastic parts, products, fittings, and equipment. From custom sweep bends, chemical industry processing equipment, poly pipe and fittings to pre-fabricated plastic piping systems.