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About Blackpoly Pipelines

Your trusted partner in industrial plastics

Why choose us?

Blackpoly Pipelines have been providing quality products and reliable service in industrial plastics since 1989 – meaning you gain over 25-years of knowledge, experience and projects in all fields of industry.

Blackpoly Pipelines aim to create long term, working partnerships with all our clients. Our staff are experienced, licensed polywelders, with skills to fabricate to DVS, ISO and Australian Standards across a broad range of industries, sites and safety requirements. We’re established in two locations, Orange servicing the Central West in conjunction with Newcastle in the Hunter, both well resourced with a customer service team, workshop facilities, plant and equipment.

Our leading-edge Orange workshop is equipped to undertake a full scope of plastic engineering work including poly welding and installation and support services coordinated by a capable work crew.

Tooled to handle pipe up to 1000mm diameter as well as detailed sheet fabrication of specialty products and projects. We have extensive experience in a host of common industrial plastics, including:

We also offer testing for non-destructive thickness, mechanical tensile, hydrostatic pressure and monitoring of inservice pipework. CONTACT US NOW

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Need to know about Industrial plastics?

Find the best industrial plastic product for your job, based on critical properties such as strength, melting point and other thermal qualities. Along with resistance to abrasion, corrosion, chemicals, solvents, acids, bases, fatigue, crushing and UV radiation. Plus identify adaptability based on your specific application, such as translucent piping, colour pigments and performance improvement additives.